Saturday, 23 October 2010


Darling, look at me.
Can you see my body fall to the nothing?
It´s a story without reason.
It´s a story about love.

Baby,here I go again.´
Suffer for the distance.
Die a little more everyday.
Can you see my future funeral?

Honey, I blood the love injuries.
Slow and constant.
The heart of a single lady
knows about the secrets of the love.

Angel,can you see that without you I don´t live?

Tom,can you see that I love you?

All moving at the speed of life
Reflecting in each others' eyes
But you're moving with such irresistible speed
You don't see me
You Don´t See Me-Keane

Friday, 24 September 2010


I need be so bad. I want to the blood and the soul of the badly people.
I want revenge at all the fucking persons that so cruel with me.
I hope live to see the horror,listen the scream,laugh for your suffering.
Ok,I´m a nasty person.The worst of the world.
And I love it.

Just hang on
Suffer well
Sometimes it's hard
It's hard to tell
Suffer Well-Depeche Mode

Saturday, 18 September 2010


Is the darkness,or is the sun destroyed me?
Why does I feel without something?
Why all says the opposite at I think?

The devil are very tired to fight,
the angel are very boring to play.
And in this city,just have me.

The queen was lose your respect,
the people have look at me diferent.
But, Why does feel empty?

I think what is because fail you...

Picture by Lordsiyei

Why does it always rain on me?
Is it because I lied when I was seventeen?
Why does it always rain on me?
Even when the sun is shining
I can't avoid the lightning
Why Does It Always Rain On Me-Travis

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

You´ve Got The Love

Nothing stupid person will change my mind.
Nothing fucking actitude will scarred me.
Nothing force will against all odds my destine.
Nothing reason will looking back again.

You´re all the need.
You´re the reason of my existence.
You´ve my clean sky,my shadow,my angel,my other soul.
You´ve got my love.

And Nothing never changes this

Sometimes I feel like throwing my hands up in the air
I know I can count on you
Sometimes I feel like saying "Lord I just don't care"
But you've got the love I need To see me through
You´ve Got The Love-Florence And The Machine

Monday, 19 July 2010

The Piano Lover

He´s a romantic piano lover
and sing this song everynight.
I´m looking your body,goes to the music.
Imagine your kiss,into my lips.
I know about your soul,badly but sweet.
Then my favorite song sounds in the air.
Then you sing with your lovely voice.
I watch you,I wait for you,I´m crazy for you...
I Love You.

Friday, 2 July 2010

The future is coming on...♪♫

Whaterver,It´s very ridiculus,but the situation is perfect to say this: My schoolmates see the light and look the true beauty of the idiot.
The curious,is that they,now wanna be my friends. And consider the plan...
Jesus,am I fucking thinking? They,My friends,before all the things are have versus me?

But I see your faces the horror,the panic,the ignorance. And my good soul will have help us.

I ain't happy, I'm feeling glad
I got sunshine in a bag
I'm useless but not for long
The future is coming on
Clint Eastwood-Gorillaz

Friday, 28 May 2010

In my head

It´s easy. Never think something like this.
Never,in my mind,will imagine a destiny like that.
Really,I never.

I never will consider the life without Tom.
And believe that I don´t have life if he doesn´t has here.

Could there be finer symptoms? Is not general incivility the very essence of love?
Pride And Prejuice,Jane Austen

Sunday, 4 April 2010

You keep me hanging on

Looking into my mourning, I find you.
I find a person his always was together with me.

But I can´t delete the memories about this relationship.
And sometimes, I feel me bored the love.
I believe this isn´t easy like I wait.
Please, stop for a minute of thinking!!

Friday, 2 April 2010

Snowed Under with you. But is over,boy.

There's a cold voice on the air
You've been looking everywhere
For someone to understand your hopes and fears
Well I've thought about that for many long years

So I walk through Mansers Shaw
I don't see you anymore
We love to think about the way things were
But the time has come and I'm glad it's over

I don't know why I waste my time
Getting hung up about the things you say
When I open my eyes and it's a lovely day
You know sometimes I feel like I'm
Getting snowed under with the things you say
When I open my eyes and it's a lovely day

Now you think that you're alone
So you make your way back home
I'd love to greet the weary traveller
But your time has gone and I'm glad it's over

I don't know why I waste my time
Getting hung up about the things you say
When I open my eyes and it's a lovely day
You know sometimes I feel like I'm
Getting snowed under with the things you say
When I open my eyes and it's a lovely day

I don't know why I waste my time
Getting hung up about the things you say
When I open my eyes and it's a lovely day
You know sometimes I feel like I'm
Getting snowed under with the things you say
When I open my eyes and it's a lovely day.

Now just you and me, darling.
I love you forever,Tom.

Saturday, 27 March 2010

The confused heart in my world

Look around my heart, and see ghosts trying cross my stranger soul.
And see the people with love.
Everybody´s loves someone,everybody´s needs somethings.
But I still confused.

Dedicate for my mommy Uma and your two Richards.

Monday, 22 March 2010

The Only Exception

When I was younger I saw my daddy cry and curse at the wind
Broke his own heart and I watched as he tried to reassemble it
And my momma swore that she would never let herself forget
And that was the day that I promised I'd never sing of love if it does not exist.

But darling you are the only exception.

Maybe I know somewhere deep in my soul that love never lastsAnd we've got to find other ways to make it alone.
Keep a straight faceI've always lived like this
Keeping a comfortable distance
And up until now I had sworn to myself that I'm content with loneliness.
Because none of it was ever worth the risk.
Well you are the only exception.

I've got a tight grip on reality but I can't let go of what's in front of me here
I know you're leaving in the morning when you wake up
Leave me with some kind of proof it's not a dream

You are the only exception

I'm on my way to believing

I will want wake up in your side,and to be happy forever.
Because I never believe in the love,but you´re my only exception

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

I feel so great!!! I feel very realized!!
I feel like a smart woman!!!

Thursday, 11 March 2010

The stupid people and me.

They are cruel,because never understand the dreams and sacrifice what I am for my perfect life.
For critize my written form without see yourself and see your stupidity. They are very sick.
He is very idiot beliving what I´m weak.

But they will receive your leccion,because the karma always back

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Never Understand

He said "You´re very alone." And believes what I need friends in the real world.
But I don´t want for different reasons:
1º: The people in the real world hurts,my keane friends never.
2º: In the real world, I will must fight with much problems every day. But in my world, the single problem what I will worry is the Keane Music actualizations.
3º: The experience said me what I never must trust in the people, because they playing false, deceive, hurts and kill for them, without importance your around.
Well,He listen my reasons,but he doesn´t care. "I want the best for you, for it, you make friends" said he, with a smile.

He never understand what my best friends are here and not in the real world.

Thursday, 25 February 2010

The reason of my blog...

My blog is a creation based in more things: my solitary,my intern depression, my sadly, my broken heart...
And the next song is the combination of all the things.

Keane-Black Burning Heart

I wish that I could be
In the cellars of the sea
And disappear in them
Never to be seen again

Leave this life
Its unrelenting appetite
For feeding off the weak
Who never had their turn to speak

The sky will be my shroud
A monument of cloud

If we could turn back
You can paper over the crack
But it will return now
And your heart will burn black

Give me your hand
Cut the skin, let me in
The molecules of us
Bleeding into one again

The sky will be my shroud
A cenotaph of cloud

If we could turn back
You can paper over the crack
But it will return now
And your heart will burn black

Forgotten my way home
Forgotten everything that I know
Every day a false start
And it burns my heart

I know everything you said was right and I suppose
Everything is here forever till it goes
You gave it all away, kept nothing for yourself
Just a picture on the shelf

Je souhaiterai m’immerger dans les profondeurs des mers
Y disparaître pour ne plus jamais être vu

Burning up
Now I’m racing down a road I don’t recognise
I realise I’ve forgotten my way home
Forgotten everything that I know
Every day a false start
And it burns my heart
Turn back

Oh,my darling. In somedays is your birthday,honey.
And my heart burning for don´t be with you...
I miss you...I love you

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Will me still love you tomorrow?

Believe what is moment of stop? Or continue in our road?
All the things says not. But I have got think much.
"I'd like to know that your love
Is love I can be sure of
So tell me now and I won't ask again
Will you still love me tomorrow?"

Friday, 29 January 2010

I Don´t Want

I´m very scarry.
The other day, he was touch me. But isn´t only thing.
He kissed all my body,from my head to my feets. And then he pulled of your bed.
He loves me, and says what is was be magnific.

But I didn´t make nothing. Because I don´t want your kisses,don´t want your caresses, don´t want nothing.
I don´t falling in love to him.
But even resist. I don´t want hurt him.

Leaved him of your house with horror. Even don´t see you again.

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Don´t back in anger

Hey,my friend. Look around you and see the world and your problems.
But you know like confront to him.
The mean girl,the school days,the house problems.
You defend yourself and says "take it easy" while listen Oasis with all your forces,
dreaming with our live in UK, with Liam and Tom.
Someday,my friend,someday...
While,we endure all the bad energy what she radiates and survives another day more.
I love you,my friend Sabrine. I wish Happy Birthday and all your dreams come true.

Liam sings:
"So Sabrine can wait, she knows its too late as we`re walking on by.                    Her soul slides away, but don`t look back in anger I hear you say"
I love you,Sabrine!!

Thursday, 14 January 2010

The cause and the efect

I supose what, in the vacations,leave stop pf thinking and sotfly in the "stand-by" mode.
But my head,body,soul and heart are continue working. So much things passed at me in few two months, what me forgotten the rest.
Regrettablely,I want at this stupid boy what I know what leave me. But my duel are ready.
The escape plan ready go. Only I waiting for my moment to come...

"I belive in the energy who move in spiralling and living in war is very bad"

Sunday, 10 January 2010


You´re jealous.I know.
But is hard understand your reasons
Is because I´m your friend? Or because he is your brother?
Are you feel what we forgotten you? Or is only we´re together?

Equaly,your reasons are very stupid.
Maybe,never thinking what you living in this present.
Or only you don´t see happiness around to your close soul.

But don´t worry,it´s "temporary"...

Friday, 8 January 2010

This is me

When you look at me, I still more of myself.
I feel happiness,confussed,excited, very happy...

But I sad. Because you are my world,but you´re so far away.
You are my passion,but don´t know about my existence.
You have got my heart, but I stay here with my life depending from other men and you,from other woman.
The world this against at us, and they make all the possible for separate.

But I need you, I miss you, I love you....

This is my blog, from my black burning heart. And have much wounds open...

I love so much,honey