Thursday, 21 January 2010

Don´t back in anger

Hey,my friend. Look around you and see the world and your problems.
But you know like confront to him.
The mean girl,the school days,the house problems.
You defend yourself and says "take it easy" while listen Oasis with all your forces,
dreaming with our live in UK, with Liam and Tom.
Someday,my friend,someday...
While,we endure all the bad energy what she radiates and survives another day more.
I love you,my friend Sabrine. I wish Happy Birthday and all your dreams come true.

Liam sings:
"So Sabrine can wait, she knows its too late as we`re walking on by.                    Her soul slides away, but don`t look back in anger I hear you say"
I love you,Sabrine!!

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