Thursday, 14 January 2010

The cause and the efect

I supose what, in the vacations,leave stop pf thinking and sotfly in the "stand-by" mode.
But my head,body,soul and heart are continue working. So much things passed at me in few two months, what me forgotten the rest.
Regrettablely,I want at this stupid boy what I know what leave me. But my duel are ready.
The escape plan ready go. Only I waiting for my moment to come...

"I belive in the energy who move in spiralling and living in war is very bad"

1 comment:

  1. Sometimes we think that we have forgotten all the things around us, but we are wrong, because, in fact, we can't forget the reality that we're living...
    Maybe you are in a "stand by" mode because you are numb, or you are not involved in the reality that you are living or... I don't know!!! Maybe you don't want to accept the truth xD
    Why do you say that a boy will leave you??? You have to wait... you don't know what's going to happend in the future xD
    Plans are good... they're necessary :D
    Finally... I don't understand your final phrase... what's the war in which you're involved??? Maybe it's emotional :P or you think that you are in a war but you aren't
    a huge hug!!!